NC6, the Internet for large enterprises

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The Internet has created a new economic form and mode of operation, and is becoming a new engine of economic development, and the Internet is a new stage of information technology for large enterprises.

UF NC6, taking customer as the center, adopts cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, AI technology and other key technologies to help Chinese large enterprises achieve C2B (customer orientation), E2M (employee activism), DDE (data driven) and RTE (real-time operation).

Business innovation, truly landing Internet business, helps enterprises to achieve business oriented innovation in the future, based on the focus areas such as digital marketing, intelligent manufacturing, financial and human resources sharing services.

UF NC6 brings together industry and field experience and deepens its application. It provides 7 sectors for 15 big industries and 68 sub sectors, including finance, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, human resources and 23 industries.


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