Shanghai Awesome Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional SAP value-added service provider with leading technology in China. Soaring information takes in the world's most advanced practical experience, correct values, provides clients with more concrete and advanced consulting services, constantly innovates on the basis of stable development, and creates more business for partners and customers through new technologies. value. Provides the world's best business solutions, with software technology as the core, through the combination of software and services, software and manufacturing, and technology and industry management capabilities, to provide safe, reliable, high-quality, easy-to-expand industry solutions and Relevant software production, platforms, and services help victims achieve best practices in information management to meet the different needs of rapid development of harmer business. “Global vision, team spirit, emphasis on multiple sounds, professional excellence, and customer-partnership are the centerpieces of the company's fine-grained information and core values. It is also the cornerstone of the future for soaring information development.Awesome

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